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bug#6555: stat enhancement

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: bug#6555: stat enhancement
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 22:54:34 +0100
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As a follow up to df not outputting bind mounts,
here is the amended stat -c%m patch than _does_
resolve bind mounts. I was mulling over an option
to output the mount point of the base device
for a file, but one can just use df -P for that now,
or run stat in a loop like:

mp=; lp=/your/file/name
while [ "$lp" != "$mp" ]; do
  mp=$lp; lp=$(./src/stat -c%m "$mp")
echo $lp

Some example output in the presence of bind mounts:

$ mount | column -t | grep git
/dev/shm/tdir                      on  /home/padraig/git/tdir
/home/padraig/git/tfile            on  /dev/shm/tdir/tfile
/home/padraig/git/t/coreutils/t/1  on  /home/padraig/git/t/coreutils/t/2
/home/padraig/git/t/coreutils/t/1  on  /home/padraig/git/t/coreutils/t/3
/home/padraig/git/t/coreutils/t/f  on  /home/padraig/git/t/coreutils/t/bf

~/git/t/coreutils$ ./src/stat -c%m /home/padraig/git/tdir/tfile 
/dev/shm/tdir/tfile t/2 t


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