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bug#6791: Problem(bug?) with basic sort command in Linux

From: Eric Blake
Subject: bug#6791: Problem(bug?) with basic sort command in Linux
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 15:10:25 -0600
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merge 6790 6791
tag 6790 + notabug
close 6790

On 08/03/2010 02:26 PM, George Thomas Irimben (georgeti) wrote:
> Hi,
> Setting LC_ALL to C fixed the issue. 
> But before setting this to C, with same .cshrc file, Unix didn't give me
> a problem.

That just means that you have a different default locale on your Unix
box than you do on the box where you encountered the difference.

> Does it mean my shell script which has this sort command will not work
> for others unless they set their LC_ALL?
> Should I set this to C in my script itself? 

In general, it is a good idea, if you don't want locale differences to
impact the behavior of your script.

This is not a bug in sort, and it is a FAQ:

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