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bug#6707: cut is not multi byte (wide char) aware

From: Mihai Moldovan
Subject: bug#6707: cut is not multi byte (wide char) aware
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 20:49:13 +0200
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I have come to notice that cut is not yet multi byte/wide char aware.

That it, you cannot use characters as delimiters, which consist of two
bytes or more in the current char set.

Simplest example:

address@hidden echo "this€is€a€bug€test" | gcut -d '€' -f4
gcut: the delimiter must be a single character
Try `gcut --help' for more information.
1 [0 running job(s)] {history#1425}  20:47:43 10-07-22

BSD cut however has got no problems with that:

address@hidden echo "this€is€a€bug€test" | cut -d '€' -f4

(Is this even considerable as a bug, or just a "feature" in that only
one byte delimiters are allowed by default?)

Best regards,


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