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bug#6053: cp, ls, and mv bug: unknown error (252)

From: Callahan, Patrick M.
Subject: bug#6053: cp, ls, and mv bug: unknown error (252)
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 09:43:52 -0400

When using coreutils binaries either built from sources or installed
from the Porting And Archive Centre for HP-UX we see errors of the type
below when copying (cp), listing (ls), or moving (mv) files or
directories on Quantum's StorNext file system (cvfs).  When we build
"--without-acl" we do not see these errors.

> mv SEG_5_1* ~/release-input/dev-to-integration
mv: preserving permissions for
Unknown error (252)

> which mv
mv: aliases to mv -I !*;

> which \mv

Patrick M. Callahan
Pat (dot) Callahan (at) gd-ais (dot) com
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

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