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bug#5926: feature request: mv -p to create missing target dir

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: bug#5926: feature request: mv -p to create missing target dir
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 15:29:34 +0200
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Just a few obsevations on side issues...

Bob Proulx writes:
> Rodolfo Borges wrote:
> > cat <<EOF >> ~/.bashrc
> > function mv() {
> >     local target="${!#}"
> >     local dir
> >     if [[ "$target" =~ '/$' ]]; then
> >         dir="$target"
> >     else
> >         dir="$(dirname "$target")"
> >     fi
> >     test -d "$dir" || mkdir -vp "$dir"
> >     $(which mv) "$@"
> > }
> > EOF
> Very good!  I see that you have a solution to your problem.
> As a side comment I don't see the point of:
> >     $(which mv) "$@"
I think that's needed because otherwise the shell function would end 
up calling itself recursively, since it's named `mv' too.

> The 'which' command is another one of those simple but not very
> portable commands that does different things on different systems. 
Since Rodolfo is assuming bash as his shell, he could have used:
  $(type -P mv) "$@"
instead, which is more "portable" because it just uses bash builtins.

> In the simple case of reporting where the command is found on PATH
> the use here is redundant since the command would otherwise simply
> be found on PATH.
>   mv "$@"
No, this would call the `mv' function, since shell functions take 
precedence over external commands in bash.


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