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bug#5944: sort with option +4nr does not work now and it used to do it s

From: Martinez, Abel
Subject: bug#5944: sort with option +4nr does not work now and it used to do it some time ago
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:13:43 +0100

Hi CoreUtil/SORT developer team:

Long time ago I used cygwing to sort file's content by the text
available on its 4th column in reverse order (under bash) using ___$sort
+4nr file.txt____ .

I have tried now same function with the latest cygwing and coreutils
sorting package (sort.exe 19-March-2010) and with those options does not
work; It says:
        $ sort +4nr ACCESS.txt
        sort: open failed: +4nr: No such file or directory

(I don't have the info on what old version was working fine, sorry)

Thanks in advance for really grate product

Abel Martinez    SONY    PSE Madrid Spain 
Ph: +34 91 536 57 66

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