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Re: stable coreutils-8.1 today, fingers crossed

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: stable coreutils-8.1 today, fingers crossed
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 22:04:32 +0100

Bauke Jan Douma wrote:
> Jim Meyering wrote on 11/19/2009 02:47 PM:
>> What I meant was this:
>> Can you provide a stand-alone set-up similar to the following, with
>> directories on your PATH (whose perms and ancestor perms are all ok)
>> that still fails:
>>   perl -Te '$ENV{PATH}=~/(.*)/;$ENV{PATH}="$1";`/bin/true`'
> cd /usr/bin && PATH=/usr/bin/:. /usr/bin/perl -Te 
> '$ENV{PATH}=~/(.*)/;$ENV{PATH}="$1";`/bin/true`'; echo $?
> Insecure directory in $ENV{PATH} while running with -T switch at -e line 1.
> 255
> Note dot in PATH.

Ahhh... that must be it.  Thanks.
Having "." in your PATH, at all, is deemed insecure, too.
Don't do that ;-)

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