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new snapshot available: coreutils-8.0.123-bf5af

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot available: coreutils-8.0.123-bf5af
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 17:55:05 +0100

I expect this to be very similar to coreutils-8.1.
Please give it a spin and report back that you did.
This release inherits many portability improvements
from gnulib (thanks mostly to Eric Blake), so if you can
test on *BSD or Solaris, you should see fewer failed tests.

The main change in coreutils-proper since the preceding
snapshot is this bug fix:

    tail -F (inotify-enabled) now consistently tails a file that has been
    replaced via renaming.  That operation provokes either of two sequences
    of inotify events.  The less common sequence is now handled as well.
    [The bug came with the implementation change in coreutils-7.5]

coreutils snapshot:
  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-ss.tar.gz      9.9 MB
  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-ss.tar.xz      4.2 MB


Changes in coreutils since 8.0.108-3aff3:

Eric Blake (2):
      doc: fix typo
      build: update gnulib, for getgroups improvements

Jim Meyering (12):
      bootstrap: use git_modules_config in one more place
      build: update gnulib to latest; more *BSD and Solaris work-arounds
      build: bootstrap: add a comment; generalize autoheader check
      tests: avoid a spurious timeout on a heavily-loaded system
      build: update gnulib to latest, for fixed test-getgroups.c
      build: correct gettext configure-time support
      build: require gettext-0.17
      build: do use AM_GNU_GETTEXT's "need-formatstring-macros" option
      tests: help-version: exit nonzero when $built_programs is empty
      tail -F can fail to track a file after it's been rotated
      true, false: perform initialization only when argc == 2
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest

Pádraig Brady (1):
      tests: avoid a spurious failure on a loaded system

Changes in gnulib since 8.0.108-3aff3:

* gnulib 8c57bd6...1b712ba (46):
  > avoid new AC_REQUIRE expanded-before-required warnings
  > Add xalloc-die self-test.
  > lib/gc-pbkdf2-sha1.c: Remove comments from RFC 2898.
  > fnmatch: avoid compiler warning
  > intprops: add double-inclusion guard
  > openat: detect Solaris fchownat bug
  > lchown: detect Solaris and FreeBSD bug
  > chown: detect Solaris and FreeBSD bug
  > gnulib-tool: correctly detect absence of m4 directories
  > maint.mk: Prohibit inclusion of "xalloc.h" without use.
  > strftime.h: wrap funtion declaration in extern "C" block
  > getgroups: avoid compiler warning
  > getgroups: work around FreeBSD bug
  > getgroups: avoid compilation failure
  > test-getgroups: avoid compilation failure
  > mgetgroups: new module, taken from coreutils
  > getgroups: don't expose GETGROUPS_T to user
  > getgroups, getugroups: provide stubs for mingw
  > getgroups: avoid calling exit
  > getgroups: fix logic error
  > Drop redundant string.h (silent change).
  > test-base64: Improve.
  > tests/test-xvasprintf.c: Fix memory leak.
  > test-xvasprintf: Add %s%s related checks.
  > version-etc: match standards.texi style
  > fts: do not fail on a submount during traversal
  > bootstrap: sync from coreutils
  > bootstrap: generalize autoheader check
  > mkfifoat: use new modules for Solaris and BSD bugs
  > mknod: new module
  > mkfifo: new module
  > readlink: detect FreeBSD bug
  > symlink: detect FreeBSD bug
  > link: detect FreeBSD bug
  > unlink, remove: detect FreeBSD bug
  > autoupdate
  > rename: detect FreeBSD bug
  > open: detect FreeBSD bug
  > stat: detect FreeBSD bug
  > strftime.c: include ignore-value.h only when FPRINTFTIME is defined
  > utimens: remove invalid futimesat call
  > fflush, freadseek: use fseeko, not fseek
  > autoupdate
  > modules/memchr (Depends-on): Drop getpagesize dependency.
  > build-aux/pmccabe2html: Drop #! header.  Doc fix.
  > build-aux/pmccabe2html: Disable execute bit. Improve example usage.

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