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Pinky command

From: Hemant . Rumde
Subject: Pinky command
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 11:18:57 -0500

Hi GNU Bug fixers, 

I am old school and has been using finger ( without fingerd for security
reasons ) on Unix. 
Today I came across pinky on RedHat Linux. The man page of this command 
specified your email address. 

In old days, attackers used to create .project symbolic to passwd and
group files to get the 
List of login ids and group via fingerd. I guess, Sun had fixed this
long back in 
Solaris. However in pinky, I can use symbolic link to /etc/passwd and

$ cd  <--- Go to home dir 
$ ln -s .project  /etc/passwd 
$ pinky -l  mylogin 

Pinky follows symlink of .project. I guess, Pinky should avoid .project
if it is a symlink. 

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