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Re: incorrectly sorted file with snow leopard sort

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: incorrectly sorted file with snow leopard sort
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 22:59:56 +0100
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Bauke Jan Douma <address@hidden> writes:

> Eric Blake wrote on 11/04/2009 02:59 AM:
>>> $ cat list-of-groups-greetings.txt | tr -d "\r" | sort
>> Useless use of cat.
>> tr -d "\r" < list-of-groups-greetings.txt | sort
> Useless maybe, but then again maybe the user won some time
> by it. I often wind up with constructs like this.
> Many times, you do 'less /path/to/file', then right after you
> may want to run sed or grep on it, in which case I usually
> find it quicker to edit the previous command-line as little
> as I can, and just attach the grep or sed or whatever-command
> to it: 'less /path/to/file | grep regex'.

$ < list-of-groups-greetings.txt tr -d "\r" | sort


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