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Re: several wording mistakes in FAQ

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: several wording mistakes in FAQ
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 15:32:19 -0700
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Benno Schulenberg wrote:
> Still one present: "you provided a wild card" -> wildcard


> > > In item 18: "e.g. files with names" -> "that is files with names"
> > 
> > Rome fell so let it lie? :-) But "e.g."  translates to "for example".
> > "I.e" would have been "that is".
> The change from "for example" to "that is" was intentional.  :)
> Because, are there kinds of hidden files that do not start with a dot?
> If not, ´file names that start with a dot´ are not an example but
> an explication.  Maybe write it as follows: "...I never see hidden files,
> that is dot files, that is files whose names start with a dot..."

Unix filesystems use the convention that files that start with a dot
are hidden files.  But the code has been ported to many other systems
and some of those have different conventions for what makes a hidden
file.  I know that the emphasis is on GNU systems but I didn't want to
completely close the door on other non-GNU systems.  IIRC on MS-DOS
whether a file is hidden or not is an attribute.


> > > In item 33: "the cp and move" -> "the cp and mv"

That did look odd didn't it.  Fixed.

> > This is an artifact of dropping punctuation for the URL.
> Ehm, the above text is in the body of the item, not the title.

Uhm...  No.  Here is the source:

  @node cp and mv the reply option is deprecated
  @chapter cp and mv: the --reply=X option is deprecated

That results in this URL being generated by 'makeinfo'.


> For variety, maybe turn the word order around, while adding
> the relevant @option{} and @command{} markers:
> "the cp and move –reply=X option was deprecated" ->
> "the option –reply=X for cp and mv was deprecated

Search engines optimize for ordering.  So if you search for the
commands "cp --reply" or "mv --reply" both of those will hit with a
higher rank the ordering with 'cp' and 'mv' before the 'reply'.
Switching that order will not match the searches that I expect as well
as the present ordering.  It may not be as pretty but I think the
present case serves the need better.

> One other error: "It did not have any affect" -> effect

I can't believe I had multiple affect/effect errors!  Mea culpa.

> By the way, @command{} markers are missing in many places.
> For example in item 18: "This is regardless of it being ls",
> "the ls command is only listing out", "what is ls doing",
> "Suddenly using ls", "with the -l option".

It has been tedious to be technically correct with the markup
throughout the entire document.  Meaning that it is not consistent.
And it has such little effect on the resulting typesetting.  And even
among the experts there is disagreement as to how some things should
be typeset.  I am really just making a best effort there.

> (By the way, after the above "Suddenly" a comma is needed.  It makes
> a difference.  :)

Added.  (That one I had to review. :-)

Thanks again for the review!


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