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[RFC] seq: allow format string to contain no %-directives

From: Steven Schubiger
Subject: [RFC] seq: allow format string to contain no %-directives
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 18:01:35 +0100
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I was wondering how such an implementation would possibly look like.
But before I dig into the code again, some clarification on the specifics
of expected behavior would be regarded helpful.

Would such a change allow for repeated items such as

$ seq -f "a" 5

for example?

With following invocation

$ ./src/seq -f "a" 5

it currently (with the patched version) results in

./src/seq: no % directive in format string `a'
Try `./src/seq --help' for more information.

Would it then be considered sensible to introduce a new command-line flag
or should we perhaps circumvent this limitation whenever an alphanumeric
string is found?

PS: I searched the mailing list archive, but there didn't seem to be any
previously related discussion on this topic.

Steven Schubiger

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