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Re: Problems building coreutils HEAD against gnulib HEAD

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Problems building coreutils HEAD against gnulib HEAD
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 06:28:35 -0700
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[adding bug-automake]

According to Jim Meyering on 2/19/2008 4:33 AM:
|> But I am, having seen it myself.  It happens when you have a stale symlink
|> from an older copy of gnulib, but which now points nowhere because the
|> file was renamed in gnulib.
| It's annoying.  Didn't someone (you, Eric?) post an automake
| patch to generate Makefile rules that would avoid this?

You are thinking about this patch of Ralf's:

I'm not sure if that was ported back to the 1.10 branch.  But it looks
like that patch only handles the make rules for rerunning aclocal, and
will not impact the ./bootstrap rules for running aclocal afresh when
there are broken symlinks matching *.m4 in the included directories.
Maybe one more automake patch is needed, to avoid warning on broken
symlink source files if the resulting aclocal still manages to provide
every needed macro?  Meanwhile, I still think coreutils' bootstrap should
delete these broken symlinks before trying to run aclocal.

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