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Re: chown should catch null owner:group

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: chown should catch null owner:group
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 12:59:15 -0800
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Eric Blake wrote:
But why should it be an absolute error?  We have already pointed out to
you that resetting to defaults is not necessarily a no-op,
        I haven't tested every case, but this isn't what it did on my
machine.  It didn't reset the g+s bit on a dir, and the only time it
changed a group was when the group was effectively "-1".  It didn't
change it to my "default" group. However, it may easily be the case
that all of the groups in the directory I checked were in my supplementary
groups -- but I know it just activate off of the default group.

        Not saying what it "should" do...just what it is currently
doing (and only on cygwin that I could tell; linux's seemed to behave
as as a no-op (or I didn't catch what it did...:-/)).

        I'm not real sure what the default behavior is "supposed to
be doing",  let alone what it should be doing...:-).


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