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Re: Feature request: rm option that supports trash (plain text)

From: Bauke Jan Douma
Subject: Re: Feature request: rm option that supports trash (plain text)
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 00:36:49 +0100
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Wilfred wrote on 10-02-08 23:17:
On 08/02/2008, Bob Proulx <address@hidden> wrote:
Wilfred wrote:
address@hidden ~ $ mkdir testdel
address@hidden ~ $ alias del='mv --verbose --backup=simple
--suffix=$(date +".(%F_%T)") --target-directory=$HOME/.Trash/'
address@hidden ~ $ del testdel
mv: accessing `/home/wilfred/.Trash/': No such file or directory
Right.  You would need to make the directory first.

This isn't a solution. I then have two trash directories, and the new
one isn't recognised by any trash handling applications. Moving files

There's nothing keeping you from subsituting it for the one you
want, in accordance with that spec (btw., how universal is that
spec...?), and further embellish that script even to the point
where it loses its simplicty and becomes simple and modular and

to this new directory also does not record where the file came from
which makes restoring complex folder structures infeasible.

Trash is a solved problem and it would be nice not to reinvent the
wheel with simplistic scripts.

You're asking to reinvent the wheel using a binary executable?
Removing --that which rm MUST do-- simply isn't trashing.


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