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Re: Rm performance issue

From: Bauke Jan Douma
Subject: Re: Rm performance issue
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 21:22:25 +0200
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Ken Naim wrote on 26-09-07 19:19:
We are using ext3 on top of LVM on IBM SAN. I don't know the SAN hardware
specifics, although I have been trying to squeeze this info out of the
client for a while.
As for bad io experiences, our core production system use raw devices for
our databases so we don't have the same issue(s), this is our production
reporting system that gets cloned over nightly. So the process removes all
the existing files and then writes new versions of them from a backup onto a
file system. I have noticed the poor io performance since I came onsite but
the unix team keeps saying everything is fine. This rm issue is causing the
database clone process to exceed its allocated downtime window so I thought
I'd start there.

If anyone can point me to any specific information on tuning ext3 file
system I'd appreciate it. I am googling it now.

Thanks much for the help,

Why remove them in the first place?
And, although I'm not that familiar with it, isn't /rsync/
better tuned to this kind of process?


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