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Re: strange date

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: strange date
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 09:38:29 -0600
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Bruno wrote:
> When I log as root, date gets the wright date and shows it to me. When
> I log as a user (any user that is not root), it shows the date plus
> three hours.
> The strange thing is that the system date is correct, but is shows
> "wrong" date to regular users and correct date to root (and only for
> root as far as I can see).

This sounds to me like one of the two have the TZ environment variable
set in the environment and the TZ variable is different from the
system default value.

  echo $TZ

Use 'env -i' to force an empty environment and remove any influence
from it.  Does this give the correct time?

  env -i date -R

Some combination of these things are probably the problem.  If the
problem is the TZ variable then this simply needs to be found where it
is being set and removed.  If the problem is the system time zone then
reconfiguring /etc/timezone for the correct timezone.  If the system
time itself is off then setting the system time may be needed.
Running NTP to keep the clock updated is recommended.


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