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Re: chmod problem

From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: chmod problem
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 04:37:31 -0700

John Gatewood Ham wrote:

> I was under the impression 0700 was the octal code and would thus
> result in 0700 permissions, not leaving 2700 permissions.  How
> can I use the octcal code to get 0700 permissions for a directory
> with 2700 permissions?  I tried 00700 but that didn't matter.  I know
> I can do 'chmod g-s testme' but since I can set the setgid flag
> with octal codes I would like to be able to unset the setgid flag
> with octal codes as well.  I was able to achieve this in 2 steps
> with 'chmod 0 testme' followed by 'chmod 0700 testme'.  Can it be
> done in 1 step using an octal number?

Read these threads for the past history on this behavior:



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