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[RFC] linecut addition

From: Steven Schubiger
Subject: [RFC] linecut addition
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 13:44:18 +0200
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I've written a small utility that does easily extract line slices. It has
currently one convenience switch "-n", which triggers numbered output.

Sample invocations:

 $ linecut --range 1,10:50,80:-200,-1 --number <file>
 $ linecut --range 10,-10 --number <file>
 $ linecut --range 15,15:18,18 --number <file>
Likewise for input streams from | and <.
There's even more stuff possible, but I don't think it'd be useful (artefact
of implementation).

I'm here to collect opinions & suggestions, so feel free to reject the idea.

Would it be considered as an useful addition to coreutils, some things
should be eventually and others definitely changed:

a) merge line-numbering routine from 'cat'
b) undo the modularization
c) undo two ways of operation (seeking/buffering)
d) extend 'head'
e) everything else

People who think it'd be worthwhile are welcomed to jump in and hack on it.

Source: http://steven.xwave.ch/code/linecut/

Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect 
But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. 
we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer. 
  -- Shunryu Suzuki

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