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mv executed incompletely due to insufficient privileges

From: Elmar Stellnberger
Subject: mv executed incompletely due to insufficient privileges
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 21:13:59 +0200
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mv /opt/kde3/share/services/basket_config_features.desktop ~/unbenutzt/
mv: Entfernen von
„/opt/kde3/share/services/basket_config_features.desktop“ nicht möglich:
Keine Berechtigung
(E.: removing 'opt/kde3/share/services/basket_config_features.desktop'
not possible: insufficient privileges)
package/version: coreutils-5.93-20

In this case the privileges suffice for creating a new directory entry
for the destination file but not for removing the source file.
Awkwardly the result will depend on whether the target location resides
on the same mount point or not:
* same mount point: nothing is done
* different mount point: file is copied but not deleted

Generally we expect mv to be atomic by default.
If the --backup switch is stated we may want it to behave like a copy
and delete in sequence (copied though not deleted).
Notwithstanding the result should always be the same no matter whether
source and destination reside on different mount points!

Elmar Stellnberger

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