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coreutils rm - win32 native port

From: Aviad Lahav
Subject: coreutils rm - win32 native port
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 16:29:38 +0300

Hi All,


I needed to use rm.exe on my project but found no decent pre-built binaries:

-          Cygwin binary was bad for me because the dependency on the DLL
and the mess it does with paths

-          GnuWin32 had some bugs with "\"

-          UnxUtils had problems with read-only files (rm -f doesn't work)


So I built my own version of rm, modified coreutils 6.9; tried to minimize
changes; remove.c was almost completely re-written using the native WIN32
API. It now compiles with MSVC 2005 and works well.


Bottom line:

I'd like this to be committed to main CVS - how and who? Does this need code





Aviad Lahav

STRI (Samsung Telecom, Research Israel)


Office +972-9-9626213

Mobile +972-50-8540426


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