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Re: Ubuntu V 6.06 LTS for your PC

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: Ubuntu V 6.06 LTS for your PC
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 22:09:49 +0100

There's no point replying just to me.   First, I have nothing to do
with Ubuntu.   Second, whether I could solve your problem would be
purely a matter of chance.

Let me repeat what others have said - address@hidden is *not a
support mailing list for Ubuntu*.   Such mailing lists and fora do
exist; go see the Ubuntu website.

On 8/4/07, Robert Ryding <address@hidden> wrote:
> I apologize for not being more verbose in the current issues with my
> computer. Let me give the details as I have found them.
> 1: After Installation of the Ubuntu V6.06 Operating System Software,
> Everything seemed to be working fine, was able to connect with the internet,
> even download the software that was needed to continue in getting the system
> fully functional.
> 2: After downloading everything neccessary to operate the linux system to
> the standards and needs I was requiring, I went into Terminal, as instructed
> by the installation, completely typed in the commands needed to install the
> software, at which point i was informed I needed superuser access to
> complete said task.

Quite so.  Administration operations are limited to the system
administrator.  One would not want just any user able to log in and
delete or reconfigure fundamental system components.

> 3: Upon seeing this message 5 seperate times on seperate installation
> attempts, i started to search the internet for possible readme.txt files on
> why it was doing this, I am currently still searching.

You didn't say which software you were trying to install, or what
command you typed.   But generally, to install system software, you
need to be the system administrator.   To prove you're the system
administrator, you will normally need to enter the password.

> 4: Giving up for the time being, i attempt to use the add/remove program
> option to add what was already loaded into the system but not fully
> installed. Mainly an attempt to try and get some solitare games loaded on
> system to play offhand while i searched for answers, i get the message that
> it requires a --configure -a to repair the system and that at this time i
> cannot install anything.

Presumably you got that message because you interrupted something
earlier.   This is the kind of thing you needed to do:-

# dpkg --configure -a
Setting up libpoppler0c2 (0.4.5-5.1etch1) ...

Setting up libpoppler0c2-qt (0.4.5-5.1etch1) ...

I assume you typed:

#  --configure -a
-su: --configure: command not found

> 5: I do exactly as system suggests, the answer i get in return is that it is
> an Invalid command. I reboot the system.
> 6: I then notice in the upper right hand corner, updates are available for
> my system, I click it to update and see if that may help, it states i can
> only run 1 add/remove program at one time. At that moment, i had just come
> back from a Reboot, so there should have been no programs other than basic
> Ubuntu running.

It's posible it was checking for updates again.  In that case waiting
a few minutes would have resolved the problem.  Or perhaps apt-get was
already running because you had invoked it in another window and not
told it to stop.

> 7: Finally after much frustration, i go online to find answers again, this
> time, my firefox is telling me i have insufficient Plugins and would i like
> to install them, i think sure, maybe firefox can do what I cant seem to do
> at the moment. Can we guess the outcome? It states i cannot, i have to
> manually install.  I downlaod the newest Adobe and Java Script patches and
> attempt to install. Still failure.

I think this is unrelated.

> 8: At 8am, PST, while in my home, I attempt to uninstall the operating
> system and Install instead a Copy of windows 98, which i did not want to
> have on any computer for any reason. While it was attempting to get the
> system ready for a hard drive format, while running off a cd, the computer
> froze, made a funny loud buzz sound and promptly rebooted, the cd-rom now no
> longer responds, which means i cant do anything to remove Ubuntu.

If you began a Windows 98 install on the machine, effectively Ubuntu
is no longer installed.  Windows 98 will have rewritten the master
boot record and, essentially, taken over the machine.

> Noew I feel that I have given a much more Verbose explanation as to why I
> think your program is garbage, that who ever wrote it obviously didnt pay
> enough attention in school to pass Algebra let alone Programming, I a
> private hardware consultant and apparently i know more about programming
> than whoever designed this software.

It's unfortunate that you had a frustrating time.  However, it is not
my fault, nor is it the fault of the other members of this mailing
list, who have nothing to do with Ubuntu anyway.   Your rude behaviour
will do nothing to endear you to anybody, either.

> I do understand in the statement that Support is limited because of the
> Software is Free,

I believe you have misunderstood.  We are saying we don't support it
because **you have come to the wrong place**.   As Bob said, you have
taken your boat to a motorcycle repair shop.

> but when a person cant uninstall the software when he
> chooses, when the software stops him from being able to use hardware on his
> computer, i.e. Cd-Rom drive, his sound card, floppy drive, everything but
> the basic nessacitys, a person becomes concerned.

You've already uninstalled the Ubuntu software, in effect.  I am
unable to explain why your computer system went wrong when you tried
to install Windows 98 on it.

> SO please, enlighten me as to how to fix the situation.

You need to ask for help on an Ubuntu mailing list, for a start, __not
here__.    This is **the wrong place to ask for help with Ubuntu**
We have essentially nothing to do with Ubuntu.


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