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Re: wrong color for broken symlinks

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: wrong color for broken symlinks
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 17:15:46 +0000 (UTC)
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Andreas Schwab <schwab <at> suse.de> writes:

> >> I'm using Slackware-current and with ls (GNU coreutils) 6.7 broken symlinks
> >> are colored in cyan instead of red. what baffles me even more, though, is
> >> that they are colored right with ls -l. any ideas?
> >
> > Yes. Try 6.9, seems to be fixed. 
> Doesn't look like.  It appears to depend on d_type support.

Does this fix it?  I don't have access to a d_type machine myself, to check.

While we're at it, what is supposed to be the difference between ORPHAN and 
MISSING in dircolors?  dircolors.hin only documents ORPHAN, but it looks like 
ls special-cases the difference between the two such that ORPHAN always stats, 
but MISSING only stats on long listings.

diff --git a/src/ls.c b/src/ls.c
index f412dff..c0e332b 100644
--- a/src/ls.c
+++ b/src/ls.c
@@ -2578,7 +2578,7 @@ gobble_file (char const *name, enum filetype type, ino_t i
          && (type == symbolic_link || type == unknown)
          && (dereference == DEREF_ALWAYS
              || (command_line_arg && dereference != DEREF_NEVER)
-             || color_symlink_as_referent))
+             || color_symlink_as_referent || check_symlink_color))
       /* Command line dereferences are already taken care of by the above
         assertion that the inode number is not yet known.  */
       || (print_inode && inode == NOT_AN_INODE_NUMBER)

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