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feature request: no overwrite on cp, mv (updated)

From: Mark Rose
Subject: feature request: no overwrite on cp, mv (updated)
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 01:34:14 -0600
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I'd like a new, relatively easy to implement feature in cp and mv. Currently, 
the --interactive option prompts before overwriting an existing file. There 
is also --update, that will only overwrite if the source file is newer. 
However, there is not an option to noninteractive _not_ overwrite older 
existing files.

I have a directory into which new files are continually being saved, and from 
which files older than a year are being moved. When old files have been moved 
out, users may save new files with the same name as archived files. 
Currently, I use find to find the files, then call a shell script to check if 
the file already exists, and if not, then move the file.

This option would also be very handy when merging directory contents without 
overwriting existing files.

This concept is actually currently implemented, with a combination of -i 
and --reply=no, but the --reply option is slated to be removed soon.

Do the developers see --no-overwrite as a valuable addition?


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