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Re: coreutils regression in ls: link color "target"

From: Kirk Kelsey
Subject: Re: coreutils regression in ls: link color "target"
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 17:32:53 -0400

If possible could you create a small test case that illustrates the
behavior you are seeing that would show us both what you see and what
you want to see?


Since color is involved it might not be totally clear, but with a current version of 'ls' I'd get something like:

address@hidden $ coreutils-6.9/src/ls -F --color ~/
Mail/      bin/       argetmhttp@     lib/   man/       share/
argetmUNWANTED@  argetmcompiler@  include/  mail/  personal/  work/

with only the directory entries colored according to $LS_COLOR, while with an older version I would see:

address@hidden $ coreutils-5.97/src/ls -F --color ~/
Mail/      bin/       http@     lib/   man/       share/
UNWANTED@  compiler@  include/  mail/  personal/  work/

with everything colored according to the environment variable. The output from version 5.97 is what I would expect. Assuming you're viewing this with a monospace font, you should also see that the columns don't line up correctly because of the extra "argetm" before the links.

Let me know if you need something more (I know everyone loves a good HTML encoded message once in a while).


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