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Re: Using filters

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Using filters
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 07:13:19 -0600
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Based on your use of the obsolete list bug-fileutils, I suspect you are
due for an upgrade.  The latest stable version of coreutils, which
replaces fileutils, is 5.94:

According to Kavil, Rajesh (Cognizant) on 4/20/2006 6:29 AM:
> Hello there,
>                     As the screenshot shows the filters ls and grep do
> not work if there is a huge list of files to work upon. Do we have any
> workaround for this?

Thanks for the report.  First, a word of advice: sending a screenshot is a
waste of bandwidth.  It would have been better if you had just copied and
pasted the text from your console to your email client.

The question you asked is a FAQ -

In short, you have so many files that your OS cannot fit them all on the
command line.  Read the FAQ for ideas on alternatives that do not require
passing all the arguments on the command line.

> This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are for the sole use of the 
> intended recipient(s)

Another word of advice - legal disclaimers like this are impossible to
enforce when you send mail to a publicly-archived list.  You are better
off opening up a free webmail account if your place of employment insists
on appending one of these worthless footers when you send mail to public

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