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r1.100 of getdate.y changed 'ago' behavior

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: r1.100 of getdate.y changed 'ago' behavior
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:06:18 -0400
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older versions of coreutils had this behavior
1 hour 1 minute ago -> (60 minutes + 1 minute) * -1 -> -61 minutes

starting with rev 1.100 of getdate.y, the behavior is now:
1 hour 1 minute ago -> 60 minutes + (1 minute * -1) -> 59 minutes

reading the getdate docs makes me think the new behavior is correct:
        * ago
The unit of time may be preceded by a multiplier, given as an optionally 
signed number.  Unsigned numbers are taken as positively signed.  No number 
at all implies 1 for a multiplier.  Following a relative item by the string 
ago is equivalent to preceding the unit by a multiplier with value -1.

however, i have a user who thinks the new behavior is broken and wont take my 
word for it :) ... so which behavior is the correct one ?

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