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One posibly "improvement" for date.c...

From: Ville solarius
Subject: One posibly "improvement" for date.c...
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:12:35 +0300

Hi all!
Yesterday, i wrote very small patch for date-program(date.c), i peronaly needed
feature to strip out newline-sign at end of output. I hope it is
useful for whole project too, so it is free to use in date.

In fact, this is my first patch,so i just diff my date.c and cvs's
date.c, and i hope i did it right;) It is at end of this message, i
hope it works(like i sad, i havent do patches before;) Remember backup
your original date.c in case that i've done something wrong!)

In bash, there is problems with editing commandline after printing,
but that was/is bash's problem because that is standard way to print,
i think it is fixed (maybe) in newest 3.1 version's patch 13 or
something like that, if i remember right;)

Comments please!
- Solarius
PS. I personally needed it because i needed time stamp to my bash shellprompt

< bool use_newline = true; /* */
< static char const short_options[] = "nd:f:I::r:Rs:u";
> static char const short_options[] = "d:f:I::r:Rs:u";
<   {"no-newline", no_argument, NULL, 'n'},
<   -n  -no-newline           do not display newline at end of output\n\
<         case 'n':
<           use_newline = false;
<           break;
<   if (use_newline)
<   {
<     fputc ('\n', stdout);
<   }
>   fputc ('\n', stdout);

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