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Re: printf()

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: printf()
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 09:07:07 -0600
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chsh_xiao wrote:
> I meet a problem.When I print a graphical data packet encapsulated
> in TCP packet with a data capture program written by myself,my Linux
> Core 5 OS cann't print correct character . I use "printf()" function.

When you say "printf()" do you mean the libc library function in a
compiled program?  Or do you mean the shell built-in version compiled
into the bash shell?  Or do you mean the standalone program in
coreutils for POSIX conformance at /usr/bin/printf?  There are
actually three different possibilities!

How are you printing?  Can you show us your exact command?  Just the
text.  Please don't send a screen capture.  It is not needed.  Just
show the text in the mail message of how you are calling printf.

> When I shield "printf()" , my OS can do well. I don't know why !
> Help me,please ! Thanks !  Please look at test figures in the E-mail
> accessories.

What do you mean by shielding printf?  Do you mean quoting characters
on the command line?

A couple of pieces of information.  If you are programming in a shell
script (for example with #!/bin/sh) then the printf there is the shell
built-in version of printf.  If you are programming in C then it is
the C library version.  They are named the same because one is meant
to be a look-alike to the other but they are actually completely


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