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feature-request: add "banner" to coreutils as a standard GNU/Linux utili

From: Alexey Eremenko
Subject: feature-request: add "banner" to coreutils as a standard GNU/Linux utility
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:16:13 -0200

Hi all !

I'm here to ask you evaluate inclusion of a new simple program into coreutils.

It has a simple name "Banner" and here is the
Description :

Banner fills an apparent hole in GNU/Linux - that is, that is does not provide
a "banner" program itself, while nearly all UNIX systems seem to do so.
Banner prints a "banner" on the screen that corresponds to the first 10
characters of a string entered on the command line, in a way similar to
what you might see when using Solaris or AIX. There are fancier things out
there, but this is nice and simple.

NOTE yourself, that this program is not new, it's stable, proven,
useful, and simple.

You can get the Source RPM from:

Or the source tar.gz from:

So what do you think ?

-Alexey. 10.apr.2006.

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