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Enhancement request for od, dd

From: Jon Clifton
Subject: Enhancement request for od, dd
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 10:15:00 -0400

Coreutils support group:

A big endian/little endian option would be helpful in od. 

As a software archeologist I frequently have to reverse engineer software and 
data structures and find od a very useful tool for examining data looking for 
clues. I tend to use GNU Linux on Intel as a development host. Since some of 
the original systems have Endianness opposite of Intel I would like to be able 
to be able to override the host system Endian.

I also noted that dd has a "swab" option (I guess that if for PDP-11) but no 
other choices.

Jon Clifton
Computer Systems Engineer
Aero Simulation, Inc. 
4450 East Adamo Dr, Suite 501
Tampa, FL 33605
Work: (813) 628-4447 x136
Fax: (813) 628-8404  

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