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Re: --preserve (cp is still changing file?)

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: --preserve (cp is still changing file?)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 08:31:01 -0700
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Bob Proulx wrote:
> >What version of cp from coreutils are you using?  Use --version to
> >determine this.
> >
> > cp --version
> >
> >What operating system are you using?  Usually uname -a helps here.
> >
> > uname -a
> >
> >What filesystems are involved?  The 'df -T' command may be useful
> >here.
> >
> > df -T .

Would you be so kind as to furnish that information?

The Batterson's wrote:
> Thank you for responding so quickly as I cannot say the same.  I was 
> able to use the mv command in place of the cp command.  The mv command 
> didn't effect the file, therefor rsync didn't write over the file in the 
> destination directory. 

Can you produce a *small* example that shows this?  Try this:

  date -R > date1.txt
  ls -d --full-time date1.txt
  cp -p date1.txt ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/
  ls -d --full-time ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/date1.txt

  date -R > date2.txt
  ls -d --full-time date2.txt
  mv date2.txt ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/
  ls -d --full-time ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/date2.txt

What output is produced?


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