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RE: Using SORT on Linux

From: Eric Blake
Subject: RE: Using SORT on Linux
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 03:06:54 +0000

> Just so you know - I found a way around the problem.
> I made the primary part of the sort (first field) the same length - and the 
> sort 
> works correctly.

You still haven't listed the command line invocation that succeeded,
contrasted with the command line that sorted in a manner other
than your expectations.  Without that information, we can't accurately
diagnose whether it is a sort bug, or more likely, a bug in your

> log>sort --version
> sort (coreutils) 4.5.3

This version is quite old; you should consider upgrading.  The latest stable
version of coreutils is 5.94:

Eric Blake

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