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--preserve (cp is still changing file?)

From: The Batterson's
Subject: --preserve (cp is still changing file?)
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 01:39:53 -0500
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The preserve function isn't working properly. rsync copies over the existing file even though it's the same file. Is cp changing something even though I have --preserve? It doesn't seem to be preserving the time stamp. Please see the script below.

# KFI Tech Guy
ls -t ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy' | head -2 | xargs -i cp -v --preserve ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/{} ~/iPodderData/downloads/temp/{}
rm ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/*
cp -v --preserve ~/iPodderData/downloads/temp/* ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/ rsync -a --progress --delete ~/iPodderData/downloads/'KFI Tech Guy'/ /media/usbdisk/Podcasts/'KFI Tech Guy'/
rm ~/iPodderData/downloads/temp/*

Thank You,

Miles Batterson
Saline, Michigan

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