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RE: od command

From: Vance, Jack D.
Subject: RE: od command
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 16:01:14 -0500

od - --version = 2.0 written by Jim Meyering.
uname -a = Linux linux 2.4.29-rc1 #1 SMP Tue Jan 11 16:53:32 EST 2005 i686 
unknown unknown GNU/Linux

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        Subject: Re: od command

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        In general, it is good to keep replies on the mailing list, so that they
        will appear in archives for future reference.  Adding bug-coreutils back
        to distribution.
        According to Vance, Jack D. on 11/18/2005 1:49 PM:
        > I almost understand except 0000000 and 1415102464 are decimal values 
not octal, because of the "-Ad" command option. Right?  I don't see the 
correlation between 1,415,102,464 and 10,005,037,056.
        10005037056 modulo 2^32 is 1415102464, in other words, your version of 
        used 32-bit math instead of 64-bit math.  Could you please report what 
        - --version' displays, as well as 'uname -a'?  If yours is not the most
        recent version, try upgrading to coreutils 5.93 to see if it has been 
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