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Re: bug in sort with '.' in strings

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: bug in sort with '.' in strings
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 03:47:27 +0000

> Hi,
> Sort seems to ignore (incorrectly handle) the character '.' in the 
> strings.  The following output is what I get with:
> $ sort --version
> sort (coreutils) 4.5.3
> Written by Mike Haertel and Paul Eggert.

This version is quite old.  The current stable version is 5.93, see
the announcement at

> I would expect all of the 'qbits.*' to be either before or after
> all of the 'qbits2.*' in the above output.

Thanks for the report.  However, it is most likely that this is not
a bug in sort, but a misunderstanding on your part.  Read up on
this FAQ:


Then inspect the output of the locale command, and try
rerunning sort with LC_ALL=C in your environment.

Eric Blake

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