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Re: patch providing SHA-2 utilities

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: patch providing SHA-2 utilities
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 05:40:49 +0100
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Eric Blake <address@hidden> writes:

> According to David Madore on 11/9/2005 9:45 AM:
>> I believe that now that I've signed the copyright assignment to the
>> FSF I no longer can relicense this code (at least under U.S. law:
>> under French law I the copyright assignment is nil so I think I can,
>> but you probably don't care much).  So you'll have to ask the FSF
>> again.
> My understanding (although IANAL) is that when you assign copyright to
> FSF, you, as original author, still retain the right to relicense your
> code as you see fit for other uses without involving the FSF.  So the fact
> that you are willing to relicense means that you can put your own SHA-2
> implementation under LGPL as Simon desired (I'm sure someone else will
> correct me if I am mis-speaking).

This is my understanding as well.  There is a history in gnulib to ask
the authors whether they are willing to make GPL'd code available also
under the LGPL, and this is often granted.  For MD5, is was suggested
to go through the extra step of actually asking the FSF, which later
lead me to ask RMS directly, but I believe that was a special case,
and not how things need to be done.

David, you wrote all of the changes, right?  If so, I think it would
be sufficient if you would state that you release your stuff under the
LGPL too.


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