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Split command problem

From: magesh sadagopan
Subject: Split command problem
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 10:28:25 -0000



We are using Sun Solaris. We are having a .sh file where it will select
records from a table and creates a spool file. This spool file then
needs to be broken into many files containing 5M records. 


We are invoking this .sh using a general scheduler which is again a .sh
file where the file name and location are passed as parameters.


When I try to use the split command directly from console its able to
split the file. But when tried through the scheduler, its not able to
split the file.


The error message which is generated is "/usr/bin/split: arg list too


Can you please suggest a way to get over this problem?



Magesh S

Hutchinson 3G,





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