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stable coreutils-5.93 imminent

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: stable coreutils-5.93 imminent
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 23:16:25 +0100

I expect to release coreutils-5.93 from the stable b5_9x branch
some time tomorrow.  If any of you think there's a change that
belongs in that release, please speak up now.

The NEWS file looks like this:

** Bug fixes

  dircolors no longer segfaults upon an attempt to use the new

  du no longer overflows a counter when processing a file larger than
  2^31-1 on some 32-bit systems (at least some AIX 5.1 configurations).

  md5sum once again defaults to using the ` ' non-binary marker
  (rather than the `*' binary marker) by default on Unix-like systems.

  mkdir -p and install -d no longer exit nonzero when asked to create
  a directory like `nonexistent/.'

  rm emits a better diagnostic when (without -r) it fails to remove
  a directory on e.g., Solaris 9/10 systems.

  tac now works when stdin is a tty, even on non-Linux systems

  "tail -c 2 FILE" and "touch 0101000000" now operate as POSIX
  1003.1-2001 requires, even when coreutils is conforming to older
  POSIX standards, as the newly-required behavior is upward-compatible
  with the old.

** Build-related bug fixes

  installing .mo files would fail

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