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Re: tail -c fails (coreutils 5.92)

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: tail -c fails (coreutils 5.92)
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 23:25:10 -0700
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Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Under Mac OS X, with tail 5.92 installed by DarwinPorts:
> prunille:~> echo abcd > blah
> prunille:~> /opt/local/bin/gtail -c 2 blah
> /opt/local/bin/gtail: cannot open `2' for reading: No such file or directory
> ==> blah <==
> abcd
> zsh: exit 1     /opt/local/bin/gtail -c 2 blah
> prunille:~[1]> /opt/local/bin/gtail --version
> tail (GNU coreutils) 5.92
> [...]

Thanks for the report.  This works for me on my GNU/Linux machine.  I
am guessing that configure is somehow not configuring the getopt
routine properly.  It may be deducing that getopt_long is available
and functional when it is not.

What is the output of grep on getopt from the config.log file?  For
example I have the following output.

  grep getopt config.log
  configure:26757: checking getopt.h usability
  configure:26801: checking getopt.h presence
  configure:26872: checking for getopt.h
  configure:26901: checking for getopt_long_only
  | #include <getopt.h>
  configure:27066: checking for working GNU getopt function

What is the output of grep on the config.h file?  For example I have
the following output.

  grep GETOPT config.h
  #define HAVE_GETOPT_H 1
  /* #undef __GETOPT_PREFIX */

Would it be possible for you to get in the debugger and determine
where this goes astray and why it is not parsing the -c option


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