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[PATCH] 'true' pt_BR translation: literacy watch

From: Felipe W Damasio
Subject: [PATCH] 'true' pt_BR translation: literacy watch
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 20:21:43 -0200
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        Small trivial fix for a typo on the pt_BR translation.

        CC'ing the last known translator and the language team.

        Please apply,


--- coreutils-5.1.3/po/pt_BR.po.orig    2004-11-20 20:17:28.662619040 -0200
+++ coreutils-5.1.3/po/pt_BR.po 2004-11-20 20:15:58.463331416 -0200
@@ -7534,7 +7534,7 @@
 "These option names may not be abbreviated.\n"
 msgstr ""
-"Uso: %s [ignora parâmetros da linha de comando}\n"
+"Uso: %s [ignora parâmetros da linha de comando]\n"
 " ou: %s OPÇÃO\n"
 "Sai com um estado indicando sucesso.\n"

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