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Uname problems

From: Wes Hardin
Subject: Uname problems
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 14:43:47 -0600
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I've found some inconsistencies with GNU uname and Solaris uname, and since i'm not familiar with any other UNIX platform, I'll just let you know what i've found and you can sort it all out.

From the GNU uname man page:

       -m, --machine
              print the machine hardware name

       -p, --processor
              print the processor type

       -i, --hardware-platform
              print the hardware platform

GNU uname
(from Gentoo GNU/Linux with coreutils 5.2.1 and SPARC64 kernel 2.4.26 on an Ultra 60)

mtraining1 ~ # uname --machine
mtraining1 ~ # uname --processor
mtraining1 ~ # uname --hardware-platform
TI UltraSparc II  (BlackBird)

GNU uname
(from Solaris 8 with coreutils 5.2 on an Ultra60)

address@hidden $ uname --machine
address@hidden $ uname --processor
address@hidden $ uname --hardware-platform

Solaris uname
(from same machine)
whardin|cds1 <32> uname -m
whardin|cds1 <33> uname -p
whardin|cds1 <34> uname -i

It seems to me that at a minimum, you'd want as many responses to match across OSes on the same hardware. On Solaris, both versions of uname return sun4u for uname -m, but on Linux, sun4u is returned by uname -p.

GNU uname on Linux/SPARC64 returns all the right information, but at what seems to be the wrong spots. If I was to do uname -p, I'd expect "TI UltraSparc II (BlackBird)", not "sun4u". If I was to do uname -m, thats where I'd expect to see "sun4u". And "sparc64", while a good answer for machine type, is trumped by "sun4u". And uname -i should return "sparc64", certainly not "TI UltraSparc II (BlackBird)", which makes very little sense as a hardware platform.

But maybe I'm just crazy...
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