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Re: gnu sort in RedHat 9.0

From: Steven Augart
Subject: Re: gnu sort in RedHat 9.0
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 12:21:09 -0400

Did you read and understand the part in the documentation about 
Run the "locale" command and check the setting of LC_COLLATE and LC_ALL. 
Also, run the command "info sort" and go down to the bottom of the page 
and reread the footnote.

I went ahead and checked on a fresh RH9 installation.  It works as I 
expected and as I
understand the documentation.

If you still have trouble after following the above, please write back and 
send a typescript 
including what "locale" prints out and showing a small (4 lines or so) 
input case, with 
the flags you gave to "sort" and the output, along with an explanation or 
example of 
what you think the output should have been.

--Steve Augart

Spencer Garrett <address@hidden>
Sent by: address@hidden
10/09/2003 03:17 AM
        To:     address@hidden
        Subject:        gnu sort in RedHat 9.0

The sort utility in RH 9.0 ignores case by default, and has no
option to preserve case, so it is impossible to sort into ASCII
order (with all uppercase letters coming before all lowercase
letters).  The documentation states otherwise.  I'd rather see
you fix the program than document this errant behavior.



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