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Re: NMERGE hardcoded in sort.c

From: Andrew D Jewell
Subject: Re: NMERGE hardcoded in sort.c
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 15:41:36 -0400

Sorry, it should have been 4.5.4. I've fixed the page.


At 9:30 PM +0200 10/1/03, Paul Courbis wrote:
Unfortunately your download link gives :

Not Found
The requested URL /coreutils-4.5.3-alexa03.tar.gz was not found on this server.


Apache/1.3.26 Server at alexautils.sourceforge.net Port 80




On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 12:59:10PM -0400, Andrew D Jewell wrote:
 You can get our version of coreutils 4.5.3 from

 We've had good results with NMERGE up around 1000

 The merge code in standard sort is O(NMERGE * total_lines) which is
 already bad at 16 and terrible if you get much higher. The alexautils
 code has different merging code which is O(log(NMERGE) * total_lines)
 which works great.


 At 12:57 PM +0200 9/30/03, Paul Courbis wrote:
 >I'm using "sort" to, surprisingly, sort huge files (up to 2 GB). Of
 >course I had to use the -S switch to tune memory usage. My concern
 >is that I
 >don't have enough memory to sort in RAM, thus sort is using
 >temporary files tat it merges to get the final result.
 >Having a look to sort's sources I noticed that NMERGE is hardocoded
 >(it's not even an option).
 >My questions are :
 >- I did a patch to make sort accept a new option (currently called
 >-N to setup NMERGE). Is someone interested by this patch ?
 >- I'm doing some benches, but I already noticed that 16 (the
 >hardcoded value) is not always the best one. For example my first
 >serie of benches showed me that 18 is better in this particular
 >case. Did someone worked on a model allowing to guess what would be
 >the best value for NMERGE for a given set of data to sort ?
 >Any hint would be apreciated
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