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Re: Suggested Addition to the "ls" command

From: Steven Augart
Subject: Re: Suggested Addition to the "ls" command
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 11:57:01 -0400

I read the discussion you mentioned.  I wouldn't implement it just because I found "ls [whatever options you usually use] -d target-directory/*/" to do this nicely.  (Actually, if you're just looking for names, then "echo target-directory/*/" will do fine without the overhead of launching ls).   Perhaps someone could write this up as an addition to the coreutils manual, under "Examples"?  

--Steve Augart
  Jikes RVM open source Java virtual machine project.

Scott Baker <address@hidden>
Sent by: address@hidden

09/30/2003 05:15 PM

        To:        address@hidden
        Subject:        Suggested Addition to the "ls" command

I'd really like a simple way to JUST list all the directories in a given
directory.  Sometimes when you're in a directory with lots of entries,
sifting through them all just to find the directory you're looking for
seems like too much.

Here is some discussion on the topic.  There are several good
substitutes but it really seems like this is pretty basic and is
something that should be considered as an addition for the ls command.


Scott Baker

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