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Re: coreutils 4.5.2 fail to build on Solaris 2.6

From: Petter Reinholdtsen
Subject: Re: coreutils 4.5.2 fail to build on Solaris 2.6
Date: Sun Oct 13 07:36:02 2002
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[Paul Eggert]
> I looked into that problem some more.  I found that if you use the Sun
> WorkShop 6 update 2 C compiler on Solaris 2.6, you need to compile
> with '-R/opt/SUNWspro/lib -L/opt/SUNWspro/lib -lm9x' if you want to
> call fesetround.  You didn't mention which compiler you're using, but
> you may be able to work around your problem by building with
> LDFLAGS='-R/opt/SUNWspro/lib -L/opt/SUNWspro/lib -lm9x'.

I'm not sure which version of the compiler I'm using, but it is is

> (along with a change to 'configure' to set HAVE_FESETROUND).

It is already checking for fesetround(), and setting HAVE_FESETROUND
if it is present.

> But in looking in the code, I came up with the following fix that
> entirely avoids the fesetround porting morass.

Sounds like a better idea. :-)

BTW: Is there a planned release date for the next version of

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