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Re: test failure tail-2/big-4gb

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: test failure tail-2/big-4gb
Date: Tue Oct 8 07:55:02 2002
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Hi Bob!

address@hidden (Bob Proulx) wrote:
> coreutils-4.5.2 test framework failure in tail-2/big-4gb.
>   ./big-4gb[27]: ==: A test command parameter is not valid.
> line 27: test $framework_failure == 1 && cat err 1>&2
> That "==" should be a "=".  Fixing this yields.

Thanks!  Fixed.

>   dd: advancing past 4294967288 bytes in output file `big': File too large
>   $0: failure in testing framework
> line 30:  echo '$0: failure in testing framework' 1>&2
> The $0 is not expanded within single quotes.  Needs to be changed to
> double quotes.

Thank you!  I've fixed that, too.
As well as the *many* other examples of that same code in other test scripts.

> How should this test handle running on filesystems which have not been
> configured to be large file aware?  The dd will rightly fail in that
> case.  If the dd fails should it be silent and skip the test?  It does
> not mean that large files are not available.  They might be used
> across NFS for example.

I've made it so that test will be run only if one sets
RUN_EXPENSIVE_TESTS=yes in the environment.

Thanks again,

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