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test failure tail-2/big-4gb

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: test failure tail-2/big-4gb
Date: Mon Oct 7 19:43:02 2002
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coreutils-4.5.2 test framework failure in tail-2/big-4gb.

  ./big-4gb[27]: ==: A test command parameter is not valid.

line 27: test $framework_failure == 1 && cat err 1>&2

That "==" should be a "=".  Fixing this yields.

  dd: advancing past 4294967288 bytes in output file `big': File too large
  $0: failure in testing framework

line 30:  echo '$0: failure in testing framework' 1>&2

The $0 is not expanded within single quotes.  Needs to be changed to
double quotes.

How should this test handle running on filesystems which have not been
configured to be large file aware?  The dd will rightly fail in that
case.  If the dd fails should it be silent and skip the test?  It does
not mean that large files are not available.  They might be used
across NFS for example.


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