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Re: Release 7.0.1

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: Release 7.0.1
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2020 16:22:52 -0400

I probably should have started it as a rc branch, especially given the large
number of changes that ended up going in already, but I made one now.

I did not want to change api/interfaces in 7.0.1, but yes, we should at least
check openssl/gnutls return codes, and the exception stuff does need to be
cleaned up and become consistent with current practices.  This is especially
true in persist.

It also doesn't have to be by next weekend, that was in case I did not hear
back from anyone.

> If you setup a RC branch we can take look at things before the release.
> Shooting from the hip, all OpenSSL function return values should be
> checked. The current code ignores return values.
> Also, the C++ exception specifications should be removed. They fell
> out of favor a long time ago for C++03, and are not recommended any
> longer. About the only place they show up nowadays is when a
> destructor throws, and it is declared with 'noexcept(false)'.
> This should help. It preserves the filetimes.
> IFS="" find "./" -type f -name '*.*' -print | while read -r file
> do
>    if ! grep -q 'throw(PersistException)' "${file}"; then
>        continue
>    fi
>    # Display filename, strip leading "./"
>    echo "$file" | tr -s '/' | cut -c 3-
>    touch -a -m -r "$file" "$file.timestamp"
>    sed -e 's/ throw(PersistException)//g' \
>        "$file" > "$file.fixed" && \
>    mv "$file.fixed" "$file"
>    touch -a -m -r "$file.timestamp" "$file"
>    rm "$file.timestamp"
> done
> Jeff

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