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From: David Sugar
Subject: Maintenance
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 11:06:50 -0400

The short answer, for Jeffrey Walton, is Yes.

The reference codebase has been and will be hosted with git on Savannah.  It
is only up to 7.0.0 presently.  I am going to bring in changes originally
proposed for 7.0.1, and then start on a 7.0.2 release with additional patches
and fixes from that.  Afterward I want to focus on correctness for current
gcc compilers and c++ standards (7.1).

The question to ask is how commoncpp/ucommon relates to current c++ standards
and practices.  The original vision for this included supporting embedded use
cases and smaller code sizes than the standard library and templating offered.
uCommon, in particular, investigated the use of templating to do shallow
wrappers and generic type magic around concrete classes, rather the wholesale
code regurgitation found in stl, thereby making code generation smaller and
separation easer in shared library and plugin uses.  Nobody else seemed to
go down this path.

Common C++/uCommon also uses a different and simpler way of producing and
managing threads while including a whole bunch of thread related and
sychronization classes that are normally missing in c++.  These too should be
considered in respect to how this library will continue to relate to the c++

I am not yet sure if the lists still recognize my email address, so I guess we
will find out now.

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